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lunar tears


B. status

❀ S T A T U S ❀

「please check my status before you ask
about commissions, AT's or request!」

COMMISSIONS:closed| ARTTRADES: open| REQUESTS: only friends

Regular Commission
NateI R. Full Body
iwai Waist-Up (wip send)

JeanaWei S. Full Body (wip send)
GlitteringDusk S. Full Body (wip send)

Sketch Commission
Valryn clean sketch (sketching)

If i forgot to add you to the list please feel free to tell i will add you as soon as possible.


ジャーナル。| diary

08/01: - working on MisoHungry and ceeony comms
8/02: - finished comm for ceeony, MisoHungry
8/07: -finished part of ccm for MisoHungry, elsinner, YukiLilu
8/08: - finished comm for MisoHungry, AriettaAurelius | Wip for oimayo
8/10: - finished part of ccm for Minnisu, Vestigance | comm for oimayo
8/13: - wip for firead trade | finished comm for Shiena-san and CRiMSOnALLOY
8/14: - finished trade for :firead: | working on wips for JeanaWei and lwai
8/15: - finished part of ccm for Miyopo and ceeony


F R E Q U E N T L Y · A S K E D · Q U E S T I O N S

What programs do you use for your works?
SAI for sketching/ lineart/ coloring,
Photoshop CC for BG and final edits.

How long have you been drawing?
I am drawing already my whole life but start with anime/cartoon art at the age with 13 years.Taking art more serious/ professional was around the age of 17 years.

What's your (brush) setting and will you do tutorials?
I used to share my brush settings but after some people took advantage of it, I decided to remove it and not share it publicly anymore. My general canvas setting is around 3000 px. I highly prefer to work with higher sizes but at the end I lower them down in photoshop.

Since I do not like to share my brush setting anymore duo uncomfortable reasons, I also avoid creating public tutorials. You can always message me and asking about things but please keep in mind that I might decline kindly if its something I wouldn't like to share.

Can we talk or become friends?
Of course we can! I do not mind getting in contact with my watchers but you really should know that I am not the best one in communication and actually a very busy person. As long you don't take it personal if I do not reply directly or message you, I do not mind to be your friends! q u q

May I use your art/ characters/ ideas as a reference?
Depends! Feel free to get inspired by my concepts but please refrain to make it to similar or even copy/ tracing any of my belongings. If you want to be sure that you don't cross the line, you can always message me about it and ask about my opinion.

PLEASE refrain from 'witchhunt' other artists when you believe that their designs/ art or style is similar to mine. Let me know if you want, but don't harass the user in any way!

What are your 'inspiration resources'?
As you might see, I get heavily inspired by nature and old-traditional japanese theme. My main inspiration therefore is CLAMP, specifically Tsubasa Reservoid Chronicle since it was the very first manga that influenced me so much and describe the best my preferences. Otherwise there're a few artist whos style or concepts inspire me as well but naming each of them would take way to long.

Can I commission you?
Of course you can!

Please check if my regular or collab commissions are open before asking about it unless I gave you my written permission to message me about orders. If we are friends or I enjoy your characters a lot, you can also message me!


If I create a public discord channel, would you join+ interact there? 

103 deviants said Yassss

A. yeorre

A B O U T · T H E · A R T I S T

freelancer | yeorre ・19 ・sagittarius
☘ current mode- 90% sleep, 10% work

「Hi, I'm yeorre, but you can call me however you want!」

Currently I'm in my education as a grafic designer and spend my freetime
with drawing anime art, commissions and other random stuff. If you have
any question, leave me a note or contact me on my other social media ;;

T O O L S: cintiq 21ux | asus | mac

You can also find me here:

f a c e b o o k t o y h o u s e t u m b l r


prec. people ♥

「 Precious people ♥ 」

:icon24hrs-coma: :iconcakexchan: :iconguro-qu: :iconkuro-qu: :iconyoclesh:
:iconhannibaru: :iconhen-tie: :iconneko-rina: :iconnachooz: :iconchubbybunnyart:
:iconaliipaints: :iconrueliquim: :iconlashcandy: :iconminnoux: :iconlumaki-o:
:iconrieule: :iconmisohungry: :iconinioli: :iconccrispy: :iconbeescuit:

order has no specific meaning


You're not allowed to use, trace, edit, copy, re-upload or sell any of my artwork without my written permission.

Also please don't message or comment on my profile about contests, raffles or anything else that isn't involving me or my art/ characters.

Refrain from copying my page designs or use my custom background. I spend a lot of time to create it and I never
gave my permission that anyone use it.


Aug 16, 2017
8:20 pm
Aug 16, 2017
8:09 pm
Aug 16, 2017
8:00 pm
Aug 16, 2017
8:00 pm
Aug 16, 2017
7:58 pm


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So I happen to stumble upon your page and finding out you made a commission for my friend ceeony!
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